+ Existence Without Authority

"Daughter of the Gong"
released June 14th, 2021

Daughter of the Gong 2:06
Spit 3:12
Wild Dog Descending on a Kiss 5:32
Unweaves the Fish as Knots in My Mourning Cloth 2:42
In Another Room I Am Drinking Eggs from a Boot 2:52
Of They Who Became Herring 3:12
Decant Yourself as Blood from the Workhorse 5:33
Hail! the Beheaded One 2:26
For When the Coreopsis Must Be Wept 2:47
School of Herring Passing Beneath the Brown Moon 3:22

vocals, synthesizers, piano, electronics, pythagorean harp, drums, and percussion played by arc m sch
cover photo and album design by arc m sch

abandonment of the political as we see it manifested now is not only necessary from the perspective of revolting against capital, the state, and civilization, but above all for an individual resistance against the sickening trend towards being a conceptually empty person who has lost their dream.—unknown